One Dollar at a Time Productions, LLC. is a theater touring company that has had almost 20 years of successful touring original gospel stage plays and a book throughout the southeast since October 2002. Now we are re-touring our new play “When God Calls, Will You Answer back home in - Augusta, GA in 2018.

After writing and publishing our first book “One Dollar at a Time” about economic self empowerment, we toured the Southeast with our three plays, “Never Again”, (toured from 2002-2004) “40 Acres, Who Stole the Mule?” (toured from 2006-2009), and “When God Calls, Will You Answer?”, (which toured from 2011-2016) in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina cities.

Our long range goals are to create positive and uplifting spiritual entertainment through the mediums of Gospel touring stage plays.

Watch our 4-minute sizzle reel for more information below:

One Dollar at a Time Productions, LLC